palomino yacht charters

A FEW DETAILS of the Palomino Tour

10 -12 People

Duration: 4 Hours

Check in: 8:30 AM or 9:30 AM or 1:30 PM

Departure Time: 9 AM or 10 AM or 2 PM

Return Time: 1 PM or 2 PM or 6 PM

Bathroom Available: 2

Jet ski is available as an add-on

Chef is available on board by request only and this is an add-on


Snack & beverages


Water Toys


 Location: Puerto del Rey Marina or Renaissance Villa Marina

Parking Available

Important to know that all the trip details are suggested to change at any time and passengers will be notified at the time of booking or after booking.

What better way to relax and rejuvenate than by spending a vacation on a beautiful beach? The stunning beaches of Palomino Island in the Caribbean are perfect for this purpose, with their balmy breeze, crystal clear waters, and gorgeous views. Not only do they offer breathtaking scenery, but also the island features coral sea reef, seagrass beds, and glittering coastline. Whether you’re looking for a quick break from city life or want to find an all-encompassing vacation spot, the palomino tour is definitely worth considering!

Palomino Yacht Charters 

Aventurea Charters  yachts services are one of the safest and most exciting ways to explore the island and the vicinity of Palomino Island. These services led by experts captains with tremendous expertise. With this service, you can also explore the nearby island of Icacos, another beautiful destination close by.

Our yacht services for your Palomino tour offers you everything that you may desire during your day tour. Leading Aventurea Charters services provider have luxury yachts for you that offer loads of amenities and facilities. The yacht has a large and spacious upper deck area that can be used for relaxation and memorable views during the boat tour.

Isla Palomino has plenty of beautiful and natural beaches where you can soak in the sun and have a break taking a view of the blue sea waters. Also, apart from relaxation these beaches and the waters of Palomino offer a variety of other activities. During your yacht tour of Palomino Island, you can also indulge in other exciting activities including:

  • Boogie board
  • Floats
  • Paddleboard 
  • Snorkeling
  • Spearfish
  • Diving
  • Jet ski

For some of the activities above, you will need to contact us first!

We have all the safety and other equipment for providing these exciting services. We also have an expert crew that can help you carry out your tours with utmost safety. The yacht tours of Palomino island are in high demand by individuals, families, party goers, as well as the executives of corporates.

The island is also a favorite destination for events including birthday parties, family trips, bachelorette, weddings, corporate gatherings, and/or anniversaries. Apart from a crew and a captain at your service, you also get a host of amenities including drinks (soft drinks and beer), beach snacks, comfortable and luxurious seating, air conditioning, stereos, water heater, television and DVD, and much more. You can choose from a wide variety of packages. Please contact us so you learn more about the add-ons!

How do I get to Isla Palominos? 

Palomino Island (or “Isla Palomino” as it is called by the locals) is located on the eastern side and coast of Puerto Rico. Palomino is a 3-mile distance from Fajardo and the Puerto Rico mainland. There is a 1-hour drive distance between San Juan and Fajardo.

Our yacht service for the tour of Palomino Island and its vicinities starts in Fajardo (at Marina Puerto Del Rey). When you book your tour for the Isla Palominos, we will allow you the time and date when you can meet the representatives and board your yacht for the tour. Once you board your yacht, you can sit back and relax watching the turquoise waters and listening to Caribbean music. An expert captain and a dedicated crew will take care of all your needs and wishes.

How much does Palomino Island cost on a Private Charter? 

The price for a yacht tour of Palomino Island may start from $2,400. However, there are distinct kinds of yachts available. For instance, the sizes of the yachts can range from 51′ to up to 55′. The amount of money you pay depends on the type of yacht and the kinds of services, amenities, and facilities you are offered. You can reach us to know more about the costs. You can also enquire about the group or family discounts or the seasonal discounts that may help bring the cost down.

Palomino Island is a popular destination due to many varied reasons. The private yacht charter services for Palomino enhance your happiness and fun manifold. Contact us to know more about the prices, features, available activities, and other aspects of the services.

When does the charter begin and end?

Your charter begins and ends at the time indicated on the signed Charter Agreement.

What is the maximum number of people you can accommodate?

It depends on the vessel you choose. On average, it would be 10 people.

Is there a difference in cost if there are fewer people?

No, the cost will still be the same since you are chartering for the whole vessel and not the number of people.

Can I bring food?

Yes! You can bring any prepared food which can be microwaved.

Can I bring drinks?

Yes! You can bring all the drinks you want.

What else should I bring?

We recommend you also bring your swimwear, towels, sunscreen, and motion sickness pills if you get seasick.

Do I need to bring snorkeling gear?

The yacht is equipped with quality snorkeling gear (masks, snorkels, and flotation devices).

Do I need to bring aqua shoes?

If you want to walk on the islands you can bring them, but there’s a no-shoe-wearing policy on the yacht.

Do you have water toys available?

Yes, they are. We have sea bobs, water slides, dinghies, and tubing available, subject to additional costs.

Are there life jackets?

The yacht is equipped with United States Coast Guard (USCG)-approved life jackets.

Is there a chef service available?

Yes, subject to prior arrangements and for an additional cost.

Can we hold celebrations on board?


Can the yacht be decorated for activities or celebrations?

Yes! We can also help you with decor services, so you can just relax and enjoy yourselves completely. Ask us for more details.

Are we allowed to smoke on board?

Smoking is allowed only on the aft deck.

Are there rooms available for siesta?

Rooms are available for overnight charters.

Are there restrooms on board?


Is there an area limit to navigate?

It depends on the destinations chosen to navigate. Plan your tour with us here book link.

Is there a limit on the number of islands to go to on the trip?

It depends on the destinations you choose. The maximum number of islands for a full-day tour is 2, usually lcacos and Palomino.

Is gratuity included in the rates?

Gratuity is not included. Recommended gratuity is 10% to 20% of the charter value.

Do you do trips to the American and British Virgin Islands?

Yes. Contact us (787-589-8034, for a personalized quote.

Do the captains have certifications?

Yes. USCG-licensed Captain and First Mate.