5 Top Charter Yacht Destinations in Puerto Rico

Planning a vacation to Puerto Rico? Consider chartering a yacht! These personalized and luxury trips allow you to explore some of the best Puerto Rico destinations without having to worry about packing your own supplies or dealing with crowds. From sailing on clear waters to snorkeling in coral reefs, there’s something for everyone on these unforgettable adventures. Check out our top picks now!

Icacos Island

This is an outstanding natural scenery situated on the east coast near Fajardo. Its clear waters, white sand, and lush nature entice many tourists. In addition, its climate is hot and humid throughout the year so you can visit any time of your choice. Depending on your experience level, you can ask for guidance when paddle boarding to ensure you have an unforgettable experience exploring the beautiful aquatic life. In addition, it’s an ideal place if you want to explore your love for swimming.

Bring your favorite snacks and drinks to the beach to enjoy while you relax. You’re also allowed to bring your own food and bedding, so you can have a relaxing beach vacation without having to worry about cooking.

When you’re visiting a natural reserve, please remember to keep the area clean and help to maintain the reserve’s natural treasures. Remember to bring everything you brought with you on the boat!



It’s a privately owned island on the east side where you can have an unmatched vacation experience. It has a wide coastline to relax and soak in the sun. In addition, it has facilities to accommodate adults and children. The pristine waters are ideal for kids’ swimming. Many people who love the sea find this spot unique as they can vibe to Caribbean music.

Also, it includes all water activities such as paddle boarding, swimming or relaxing in our luxury yacht. You will love the excursion on a private luxury yacht with a complete kitchen, dining table, and bathroom.

As well as if you desired you can bring your beach picnic to enjoy while you relax on the sand. The staff will ensure your comfort throughout the day as they serve your favorite drinks, fruits, and appetizers.



It’s among the incredible Charter Boat Destinations occupying the southeast part of the coast. It has turquoise waters that provide a remarkable swimming experience. Moreover, it has many adventurous activities that begin with a private yacht ride to the best spots on the island.

You may also be offered a trip to the neighboring Culebra Island in a comfortable and safe vessel. Worried about your safety while paddle boarding? You get appropriate gear and guidance from the crew.

If you’re looking for a unique vacation experience, consider booking a Vieques yacht charter. These trips offer stunning views of the island surrounding waters, and the crew is passionate about providing a memorable experience.



This uninhabited island with stunning shores popularly known for its crystalline waters and powder-like sand is a must-visit. Do you want to escape the busy city life and relax on the beach? This is a perfect spot for you. It offers a range of activities, including hiking. Get the appropriate gear, take a hike up the hill, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the only lighthouse on the island.

Additionally, you can enjoy exciting low-impact activities such as paddle boarding. It would be best to check the weather conditions before paddle boarding or swimming since there are no lifeboats or amenities on the beach.

Also, you are allowed to bring your prepared food and drinks to enjoy while unwinding on the beach. Moreover, we have a variety of luxurious yachts with modern accommodations to provide a 5-star hotel experience.



Nature has blessed Culebra with an abundance of beautiful beaches and coral reefs to explore. As you relax and enjoy the tranquil island atmosphere, you can get closer to ocean life through paddle boarding or swimming. Relaxing in our yachts is a perfect way to disconnect from your busy life.

The destination prides itself on the surrounding shores, such as the Flamenco beach and reefs that enable scuba diving. In addition, it’s bike-friendly; therefore, you can rent bikes from the vendors and enjoy cycling along the coastline. Also, it has great mountains with good hiking trails to experience the wild, especially if you are a nature lover. There are no major resorts here; however, there are a few hotels and restaurants where you can grab lunch. They serve seafood and Puerto Rican street foods.

You can cruise the better part of Puerto Rico for unique and attractive activities. Be sure to add the above charter spots to your list of must-visit places. You’ll have memorable experiences to talk about in years to come.